Breastfeeding is HARD


Baby Forrest is 3 days old. I have been exclusively breastfeeding since the beginning. Every nurse at the hospital commented on how great of a latch he has, and that my colostrum supply has been great too. I told them I was having killer pain regardless and they kept telling me it should hurt. Forrest is feeding for 45 minutes at a time with 20-30 minute breaks in between basically all day. Makes me think he isn’t getting enough because his latch isnt as effective as it should be. It got to the point last night that I had to hand express to feed the little guy. I got 10ml pretty easily. Obviously supply is not an issue. The lactation consultant came by this morning before discharge and said that our latch looks perfect. I still feel like his latch isn’t right. We just got home this afternoon and I’m in so much pain I had to hand express again. My left nipple is bleeding a tiny bit. He’s feeding for an incredibly long time with barely any break in between. And he’s only peed twice today. I’m calling an LC in the morning but I guess I wanted to know if anyone else had experienced something similar. I refuse to give up breastfeeding but I’m really doubting myself at this point.