screw my cycle


hi my name is Emily my bf And I have TTC for 2 months now. he already has a little one. I don't have any children yet of my own I'm having a really hard time being stepmom child wants nothing to do with me or when I try to help out my boyfriend kind of makes some comments like when we have children you're in for this and when our kid does this you're in for that. quite frankly pisses me off because there's a lot of things that your child does that I wouldn't allow our child to do. I don't know my cycle is usually 28 days 29 I am now on day 32 no af and I'm also sick and extremely bitchy. either my period needs to come or the bitchiness needs to go away. got to the point last night where I just went home because he just hurt my feeling so bad about it my previous marriage I tried for 2 years. nothing I want more is to have a child kind of shity when my significant other makes me feel incompetent of it.