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Good morning ladies, this is my first time actually planning a baby with my husband. I have 1 from a previous relationship, he has 2 from a previous relationship and we have 2 together...making our total 5 all together. I'm 30 and hes 45, since he is getting "up there in age", he wants to have a baby before he gets to "old" to physically be able to keep up. This is my first time clocking my bbt, and tracking my period and ovulation. I am currently on CD2 and waiting on all of my tests to come in the mail. Also, being that I have 2 boys and 1 girl I would really love to have 1 more girl. I've been googling things that I can do to help...the Chinese lunar gender calender, things to eat, measure my ph in my vagina...etc. do any of you ladies have any other suggestions for me? Good luck to all and thank you in advance for your input.