Questions about your IUD

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Ok I know this is probley gonna sound like some really stupid questions, I work in medicine so I know what the typical things that happen for an iud are. But I have anxiety and I need some of these answered by people who have this thing and understand. OK I just had my copper IUD inserted yesterday but I don't really have cramps more like a little pinch every once a day a while. I swear I can feel it in my uterus sometimes. lol. But I seem to be wetter. I'm not bleeding a whole lot. There is some blood but it's light pink mixed with extra discharge, you can actually see that its separate. So it's got to be extra discharge I'm having. I'm not this wet unless I'm horny(which I'm not) or just had my period explode out of my uterus. And it's clear not cloudy and no nasty funk to it. Anyone else get this or am I just crazy. Also out of curiosity I felt for the string that's suppose to hang out. At first it felt like a normal string but then I felt it again later and it felt kinda wirey. So what's it supposed to feel like. If it moves and starts hanging out my cervix what would that feel like. I mostly asking cause I'm wanting to know so I can do my own checks from time to time so I don't have any panic attacks and my spouse can know so if he feels anything he can tell me. Doctors aren't the best at explaining these things, cause they either don't have it or are male. So any info is welcome. Thank you in advance.