How would you feel about a Jr. ? (Naming your child after your husband/SO)

My husband wants so bad for our first born son to be a Jr. I really don't like the idea. 1. His name is just so common. 2. he has two middle names I'm not a huge fan of that. 3. He has an uncle and 2 cousins with the same first and last name. It's a small town and there are literally like 5 people already with the same name. It seems so important to him, and I don't want to take that away from him, but I REALLY REALLY don't want a Jr. I would be down for his middle name to be my husband's name. But not the whole name. I don't know how to compromise on this. Has anyone else experienced this battle? I have so many cute boy names in mind too!! 😣 (And for the record, I'm still not even pregnant this is just a conversation that has come up often.)

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