Would you continue?

So imagine this; you've been chatting to a guy - you hit it off really well, been talking for over a week. You find out you have similar interests..sexually. You both have a good laugh - he has a decent sense of humour. He basically says he's really into you, wants to date you even suggests there could be a future (not like marriage future but spending a bit of summer together). Then he tells you he's going to hookup with a girl at the weekend because 1. it was supposedly pre-planned and 2. he was apparently 'worried' you wouldn't agree to meet up. You now feel like shit because you were starting to like this guy only to find he essentially wants his cake and eat it too. You get that you're not exclusive but it still stings a bit. He does apologise several times and says he's 'fucked it up hasn't he' in reference to 'us'.

What would you do? would you continue talking to him or just cool it off?

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