GoodMorning Ladies !

Destiny • 💓Mother of 2, One is in gods hands, Pregnant with twin girls !💓

Well this morning I woke feeling wicked nauseas, after an hour or so passed I started feeling better.

I’ve been feeling wicked tired and just emotional.

I watched some videos yesterday and I started crying

My appetite has decreased dramatically

I’m going to be taking a test in 7 days !!

Me and my man are both wicked excited and hoping it comes back positive

Some of you may think we are crazy for this but we discussed names already

CJ Lawrence if it’s a boy, The C stands for cash which is my mans son that passed away due to SIDS, The J stands for Jacob which is my son who passed away 20 minutes after he was born due to being born to early

And for the girl name we agreed to Larissa Lynn, We chose that because we just think it’s a beautiful name

But January 18th is when I take a test

Wish us luck ☘️