Proud of myself!

Come on admit it, we all have that guy. Maybe your classmate or ex but he just looks at you and you melt. My poison is my ex. We were fire and gasoline, it was hot and explosive. He is not the settle down type and lives in the fast lane of life. He hits me up all the time still. Even though he is with someone and I've been with someone for a while. He always tells me he wants me. Well I just saw him (he doesn't live around me) hitch hiking and he saw me and waved and yelled my name as I drove by. I kept going, someone else can pick him up. He is that one guy for me and I know it would be a big mistake to let him in my car. Not that he would be aggressive that I know he would try something and he is the one guy that makes me weak as fuck. So I kept going. I love my bf we have been together for 2 years and I'm not going to ruin that for a dude that is the scum of the earth compared to the man I got. Just needed to say it to someone because no one knows this guy still makes me weak.