Complete Denial


On 1/10 I woke up around 6:30 with a lot of pressure and some back pain. It was uncomfortable enough to where I could get back to sleep so I just got up to eat. Within an hour the pressure turned into strong cramps. I was 39w4d and I hadn’t had a single cramp up until this point so I tried to play it off. I got in the bath and the cramps got intense and were coming every 5 minutes. I called my nurse and she told me to come in immediately. I didn’t believe I was in labor at all because the cramps were nothing like I had imagined! I figured they would just send me home. I get there around 10 and they’re monitoring me and baby girls heart rate was dropping after every contraction. Turns out I was actually in full blown labor🤷🏻‍♀️ They broke my water at 11 and placed internal monitors. Her heart rate didn’t improve so by 11:30 they declared an emergency c-section. I got my spinal which was horrible, and she was out by 11:57. My placenta was failing with every contraction so she wasn’t getting enough oxygen. I was told if I had waited a few more hours she would of has serious effects from the oxygen deprivation. I also found out after the surgery that I only have 1 ovary. So this is my little miracle baby! Cadence Rose Bright, 20 inches, 6lbs 10oz! She’s perfect