Heartbreaking story

So I work at a hotel and we serve breakfast. I heard our waffle maker beeping over and over again so I went to help the lady with it. When I stopped the beeping she said thank you and I noticed she has tears in her eyes. I ask her is she ok and she tells me not really and that they are here for her nieces funeral. I tell her I'm so sorry. And she explains to me how she tried for 7 years to get pregnant and finally at 36 she and her husband conceived their baby girl. Well a couple weeks ago while still pregnant she started having a seizure and passed away. Literally out of nowhere. No history of health problems. So they brought her back and she passed away. Luckily they were able to get her daughter out via c section. It breaks my heart that she never got to meet her miracle baby. I asked her the baby's name and she told me her name is Lillian which is coincidental because I'm currently pregnant with my rainbow baby Lillian. I give her a hug and tell her how sorry I am. She then went on to tell me how her niece was a kindergarten teacher and they were all so excited about baby Lillian and they loved their teacher so much and her husband along with the grief counselor had to go into the class and explain what had happened to her students. At this point I'm in tears. It's all just so devastating and she says the husband is not doing well. I'm posting this story to ask that you all pray for her and her family. It's truly heartbreaking and just a reminder of how anything can happen at any point and time. We never know.