What is wrong with people?!


Recently I’ve seen a lot of grown women putting down younger girls. You would have thought that women from 20 and up should be understanding and helpful, but no. When I first downloaded this app i thought that it was a great idea to get in touch with other girls going through the same things, and that this could really be a safe place for everyone. But apparently not. There are young girls out there asking for advice, and we should all help them, NOT put them down. A girl should wear what ever she wants, talk how she wants and act like wants, as long as she isn’t hurting anyone else. Guys are allowed to wear what they want, curse, and act so fucking stupid all the fucking time. But us girls, we are expected to just sit and be pretty and quiet. We have a voice! We should stand up for each other! Let’s stop all the slut-shaming and all the bullying, we are better than this! If you want to have sex when your 14 then go ahead, we are no one to judge. If you’re 17 and have had sex with 8 guys, good for you! If you’re 23 and a virgin, that’s cool too! If you want to wait until marriage, then go do that. My sexual history doesn’t define me, and it’s non of your fucking business.