I keep dreaming I’m having twins


So super random post but it’s really getting to. I’m pregnant with my technically fourth kid but one was an ectopic so it will be my third birth. I’m currently 14 weeks 6 days. Out of all of my pregnancies this has been the worst. Morning sickness from hell, extreme fatigue, dehydration. It has just been rough. With my other kids. I have little to no morning sickness. My first kid which is a girl I never threw up once my whole pregnancy. My second one was the ectopic I lost it before I ever had any symptoms. My third is my son and I threw up MAYBE a handful of times. I’ve only had one ultrasound and that was at 6 weeks so all you could pretty much see is a dot. Now to get to the point of all this. I have dreamed SEVERAL times that I am having twins and twins run in my husbands family but what are the odds that they didn’t see it on the ultrasound?!? Picture below for reference