Opposite schedules

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Recently my husband to be started working nights.

We don’t live together because i run a daycare out of my parents house and it’s just easier to stay here.

But he’s working nights and I’m working days so we hardly talk because by the time I’m awake he’s getting off and going to sleep and before i Get off he’s up and at work and by the time i Get off it’s time for me to get ready for bed and start getting ready for bed . We FaceTime when we can throughout the day but hardly have time and it sucks feeling alone .

I mean i called him after my doctors appointment today(I’m diabetic) and i got the okay from my doctor that I’m healthy enough to try to have a baby! And I’m super excited!! He was like half asleep and said he was excited but didn’t really get excited and it kind of hurt. I’m trying to keep in mind he’s tired and he’s an MP in the army so I’m trying but i wanted him to be excited .

Should i just ignore it and feel better or what?

It hurts but i understand i don’t know what to do.