My dream of having a homebirth has finally happened

My dream of having a homebirth has finally happened!! Well, actually my last baby was an accidental home birth but we immediately went to the hospital. This time, we planned with a midwife and receiving full care at home! It was the most redemptive experience, as 8 years ago I was pregnant and planning a homebirth, but we had an early emergency csec (because movement stopped) and lost our son at 5 days old. 
This beautiful boy, however, came into the most romantic, joy and peace-filled atmosphere I can imagine! The contractions were light and very sporadic all through the day, but after my 2 older kids went to bed, my husband and I had such a sweet moment just sharing our hearts for each other and expressing things that we already knew, but maybe haven’t said to each other in years, with lots of sweet kisses in between, and then the contractions started coming more frequently! At 11 we realized this was it, the midwives and a good friend who has been there at all my births came over and he was born at 12:38am yesterday! The only pain I felt was the “ring of fire” as he crowned, and the Spirit of God cloaked the atmosphere in the room. I can’t explain how sacred, peaceful, ecstatic and joyful the entire birth was!!!
Baby Sage Felix is a beautiful soul, born at 8lbs but bringing the whole weight of heaven into our hearts and lives.