Let’s change the tone in here.

ChrisRose ✝️ • ♡

Second thread of the evening, yay 👏🏾

It’s really come to my attention, that there are groups on this app, and some of the groups are at odds with each other. Mainly, it seems to be allies VS others, and it’s gotten so messy in here that the whole tone has changed.

This whole thing is controversial in itself, and it also makes being here not fun. The question I am posing is this:

- What can we do to have an altogether better CC and better conversations/debates?

- Are there ways we can better respect each other’s beliefs, without it resorting to name calling and etc?

- There are obviously some users you will NEVER get along with, which is fine, the same goes for real life. However, when you have a misunderstanding with someone, is the onus on anyone to clear the air for the sake of future interactions?

- What do you think you could do personally, to better resolve negative interactions? Ignore? Calmly explain?

We’ve lost some great users on here, and this place can be extremely enjoyable without all the race baiting, homophobia baiting, indirects, call outs and etc. I will hold my hands up and say I know I’ve been extremely rude on this app before, and I could have handled some interactions better, and despite there being some things I’ll never put up with, I think there are things I can do to work towards it feeling much better than it currently does in here. Let there be some actual RESOLVE. I know a lot of people say “just ignore/mute” however, by taking the time to explain to some users the errors in a certain mindset, we get some great allies in the making ☺️ I’ve also had the chance to get along with some people who I originally disagreed with, but now think are awesome 😍