I️ need help nausea is kicking my butt ... and I️ think throwing up would make me feel better ... I️ barely ate today because nothing sounds appealing until I️ smell I️t ...currently on baby #2 (7weeks+2), my 1st is 17 months almost 18... I️ have mental break downs almost everyday ... he wipes my tears away even though he causes them 😪then I️ have to smile cause I️ love him to death ... fiancé has to work a lot ... I️ keep mentioning that I️ don’t recall I️t being this bad first time around ... I️ just want to reach the part where I️ crave some nice food and eat 😩😩😩😩 lord I’m ready .. everything leaves a bad taste in my mouth , doctor prescribed zofran ... only works for an hour. I️ NEED HELP ... what do y’all do to help with nausea ... please