I am a stay at home mom while my husband is living overseas and working. When I first got pregnant I didn't think it would be easy or difficult. When I gave birth to my daughter.. it was going okay for me but as days gone by.. Things were getting difficult. Sometimes I forget to eat or sometimes I prefer to sleep then eat. Yes, I do get help from my mom. She takes care of baby while I take a quick shower or when I eat something but mostly I do everything. I am exhausted.. I don't sleep much or get enough rest. Sometimes I just want to crawl in bed and cry myself to sleep. Don't get me wrong.. I am extremely grateful for my beautiful Egyptian princess but I just need a little break. I feel like a failure for needing a break. I just want to be a strong mom for her and not feel weak.. But regardless how I feel.. I have to say, She's worth it💗She's the reason why I have a smile on my face.