Leave or stay?


So I’ve been having some issues with my current boyfriend of almost 1 and a half years. The beginning was rocky, he really didn’t like me and I could tell that his heart wasn’t in the relationship, so he broke up with me a couple summers ago. I got into pretty much a rebound relationship, and he started talking to other girls. After about a month of that, he realized that he really did want to work things out with me and that he fucked up so we got back together and started our actual relationship.

Things were going okay and we both dealt with some personal things together, but a couple months ago things got bad. Both of us go to the same school, and this year we decided to room together. The first month was great, but as things went on, he started to show a lot more anger towards me and snap easily. He likes to play video games, and if he lost or had poor teammates, he would get mad and take it out on me, he even threw something one time. Whenever he’s like that, I get scared because he can be unpredictable. Sometimes he realized it and corrected it, but other times he asked me why I was overreacting.

Over thanksgiving break I confronted him about it and barely spoke to him after, and he even cried and told me he didn’t want to lose me, so I gave it another chance, only for it to happen again. Over winter break I basically laid it all out in the line for him and told him that he had one more chance. There’s only so much I can take and so many apologies I can accept. He’s been doing good, but I’m starting to see him slip into old habits.

Another thing, and I know it’s not the most important part of a relationship, but the sex isn’t good. At all. There’s basically little to no foreplay, and if there is it’s only fingering. He isn’t sure how he feels about going down on me, every time I ask him it’s a different story, but he wants me to go down on him all the time so. 🙃 Whenever he fingers me, it can be painful, and when I tell him he apologizes and stops, but then afterward we go right into doing the dirty and he finishes in record time. One time I timed it and it took us a little bit less than two minutes from start to finish to have sex. I didn’t finish of course, I never have whenever we do it. I was so happy whenever we ran out of condoms and I ‘forgot’ to buy some more.

Anyway, my question to you guys is, do you think it’s worth it to stay in the relationship? Should I give him another chance or should I just move on?