brown discharge @ 8 weeks

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Im warning you all, that the photos are TMI. I'm slightly fearing the worst. I'm 8 weeks pregnant today and for the past 2 nights I've been having brown discharge, only when I wipe. I feel like I've lost most of my symptoms. I woke up with no breast tenderness, and I'm not feeling sick this morning like I have the past couple of mornings. I have attached 2 photos, one with the discharge and one with what I thought was tissue. As I said I'm fearing for the worst and I'm not sure if I should just wait till my ultrasound on Wednesday, or go to the er this afternoon. I'm not in any pain, no cramping. And no red or pink discharge. As for what I think was a piece of tissue, I can't be 100‰... I'm worried this is the start of a miscarriage. My family doctor isn't in the office until Monday... Have any of

you had this happen?

^^I know it kind of looks red but it wasn't. It was my flash.