I think I made a huge mistake

liz • I’m Liz 🙃 Stay at home mommy to Carter Bentley born August 10, 2018💙

I don’t even know what to do anymore I’m so upset. I’m so tired of being with my fiancé. I stopped loving him a long time ago and I thought we could work things out but it’s like neither of us even try anymore. I found out right after Thanksgiving that I am pregnant. I don’t even know how to fix this relationship anymore I completely fell out of love and I hate even spending time with him. We haven’t even celebrated us being engaged, he proposed on December 23rd. I instantly regretted saying yes but I felt forced to. The whole thing felt forced, and I was embarrassed telling my family and everyone that we were engaged because I was so excited to tell everyone I was pregnant on Christmas and then I had to announce that also and felt like it made the baby look like a complete accident (which it wasn’t). We have been together since my freshman year of high school -when I was 14 ( with breaks in between ) and I am now 22. We never have sex, and when we do it’s horrible. He is absolutely terrible at sex. And what sucks is I’ve tried to talk to him about it ALOT and he doesn’t get any better. He does no foreplay whatsoever and then barely even lasts long AT ALL, and then rolls over and goes to sleep. I haven’t orgasmed in a long time, like really long time!! I think about cheating on him way too often. We have no fun together anymore he works long days, 6 days a week and by the time he’s off he’s tired, so we normally watch tv until about 11 and then go to bed. He is never sweet, or does sweet things for me. How can I fix this relationship? I don’t want to marry someone that I feel this way about. I’m heartbroken by it. I wonder everyday and wish I could be with someone else that had sex with me, planned fun things, was sweet and nice to me. I’m due August 10th and I know things are just going to get worse after the baby comes.