Hugs ❤️ and hellos

Sam • IVF warrior mama - unexplained infertility + Hashimoto's

I wanted to just let y’all know I was thinking about you. Hoping you’re having a good start to the week (or lovely long weekend if you have today off). I’m grateful for this group and know that we’re all in different stages of this journey (all of us had struggles to get where we are) and I’m sending special hugs to those who are still in the in between. I remember it all too well and my wife and I were at IKEA yesterday amazed at what a year brings. Last year around this time we went to grab a few things for our house and I cried walking through the baby section. It was surreal to come back just about a year later to get some pieces for the baby room. We stopped to take a moment to say a prayer of thanksgiving and one for those still in between.

As the new year starts I’m hoping it brings all the warm and fuzzies that we all deserve ❤️❤️❤️