rude looks during pregnancy

on Saturday I was with my boyfriend, and we were at the train station. we were both minding our own business just talking to each each other, showing each other funny stuff online, laughing. not being loud or out-of-hand at all...

...when I look up to see where the train is, and I see this lady just GLARING at me, making it SO obvious. I look at her for a second, and she looks down at my stomach, back up at my face and goes like this:

like body isn't your concern and what's inside it has nothing to do with your life, please mind your business... either way I just shrugged it off and went back to talking to my boyfriend. this bitch, out of the corner of my eye, is still glaring at me. like really?! holy fuck, focus on the train coming.

LATER THAT DAY we were waiting for the bus. this other lady did the SAME thing. an older lady, if I might add. just minding our business and then I see this:

whatever though. more people come on the line, and then ANOTHER lady just makes it her TOP PRIORITY (she legit leaned over from behind someone else just to look) to look at my stomach which isn't even that visible in the jacket I had on, and then glare at me, but alright. I'm just cold and tired, looking down the street for the bus and she's over here looking at me like:

why the fuck can't people mind their business? why do other people's bodies concern them? shit gets me so mad. 🤦