Call cops on hotel quests?

We are in a hotel, and will be here for a month longer. The people beside us are absolute hell. They have no more openings for any other room, but we are on the list to be switched as soon as a room becomes available. Anyways, the people beside us have a tiny one bed room, with no couch or anything like that. They have 3-4 adults. 5 young kids under 12 I’d say. Maybe even 10. And a baby who is still an infant. Less than 3 months. I never hear the kids playing or anything like most kids, but no big deal. The problem is that these adults SCREAM at eachother. At the top of their lungs, threatening to hit eachother and all that. Right in front of the kids. They will be up at 3 am pounding on things, screaming, cussing and waking the baby up. The other night I heard one girl yell how she wanted to kill the baby because he was crying. This morning at 5 am they were yelling again, so I knocked on the wall because my 2 year old was sleeping. She screaming “I know you ain’t knocking at me” and pounded on the wall. I could hear every word they were saying. One girl was talking about how someone complained that her baby’s diaper wasn’t changed and if she doesn’t wanna change it all day, she doesn’t have to because it’s her kid. And there’s just so much more. We have talked to the front desk 10000 times. The lady is very apologetic and always calls them or goes to their door but this hotel has a policy that they can’t kick them out unless the cops are called. My husband has said he heard a guy and girl yelling and the girl screaming “get off me” and “don’t hurt the baby” which is worrying.

Now, I don’t know them. I don’t know what’s going on, only what I hear so I’m not gonna straight out call the cops on someone. I also don’t wanna go knock on their door as I don’t wanna start a fight since they seem violent. Just wanna hear some opinions on if this sounds like a reason to call or should we just mind our own business and deal with it?