changing schools


so im in 12th grade and my school gave up on me cause i had a hard year now im going back too school tomorrow but i wanna change schools that had better education, my grades will put me in -2 , im in -4 the lowest program in highscool, the work is so stupid,they give us booklets and they leave the classroom mostly the whole class literally, the teachers would leave class and not show up till its over and the whole time my class fools around 😭 and when i graduated ill only get a certificate, now my teacher just wants me too get a full time job instead finishing school for credits?! my grandma believes thats the right thing too do, no i want to change schools try harder to get a diploma and get into university i really dont care if it takes me 2 years to get it, i dont want to get a certificate and live life like that

i tried to talk to my grandma saying its

better cause ill be in -2 in that new highschool but she says they wont accept me cause im old? im 17 , i know its late too change but i rather go back into 11 grade in that new highschool, i tried talking to my teachers that i want to upgrade they declined me

help me please