Vaginal Bleeding After Exercise


Hey ladies, this is my first post on here so apologies in advance if I mess something up. A little history first.. after giving birth to my daughter almost two years ago I lost all my pregnancy weight and then some within two months but then lots of events happened and then all of the holidays and I found myself back at my pregnancy weight. So New Year's of 2017 I decided to lose the weight and began to work out. I started by training for a 26mi hike. I would go on hikes with my daughter in the back pack and start noticing that afterwards I would bleed heavily. I thought it might have been the extra weight from her on my back. So instead I started running. Still bled. I noticed it most when doing intense cardio. I went to my OBGYN about it but unfortunately she had to go into labor and delivery so I was seen by the nurse practitioner. She said that it wasn't normal but wasn't anything to be concerned about. Here I am one year later and still not happy with my body. I've been walking but wanted to start doing things that are more intense. So today I did an hour of jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and strength band exercises.. nothing intense and nothing that made me even break a sweat. But I went to the restroom and found this.. now when this first started happening the blood would look just like period blood when I wiped so this is nowhere near as bad but it's also new because it's never looked like this before. I really don't want to stop working out. I have an appointment scheduled again but do any of y'all have any idea what could be causing the bleeding post workout? I'm so sorry for the long post, thanks to those who stuck it out and read through the whole thing!

That past year I didn't work out hard