this girl 😍

bro i have a crush on this girl on my lacrosse team. omg she’s ridiculously gorgeous and her body has me weak in the knees. i just recently came out to my closest friends but i don’t know how to talk about my feelings for girls yet with them, idk i’m worried i’ll make it weird if that makes sense. (btw i’m bi)

anyway the other day i was stretching, reaching for my toes, then i leaned back for a second with my elbows on the floor. then all of a sudden my crush straddled me. i was just like WTFFF is happening. she was so close to my face i had to back up. she was like omg ur lashes look so good. (i was wearing falsies) so then we had a conversation about lashes for a minute and i can’t even remember wtf we were saying bc she’s so beautiful and her ass was on my lap. ( i was turned on JUDGE ME )

anyway, idek if she’s bi, straight, lesbian, etc. but god i wish she was. but she’s out of my league anyway. just had to get that out of my system.

bye girlies 💕