Pls look

So I was TTC for a couple months, fiancé & I decided to stop for while I was in nursing school yadda yadda. I do not know what DPO I am, I had an IUD inserted 12/20/17. This is not fmu, this is 2 hour hold with a bunch of orange juice. I’ve just been feeling extremely nauseous not being able to eat anything, even my favorite foods!

Of course my fiancé can’t see the line (we don’t live together yet so it’s all pictures).

At 3 minutes I could see the faintest of lines ! I just start balling , I’ll be a FTM if I am pregnant 😭 I’ve never taken a test that serious before. Of course all the pictures I’ve taken my fiancé said he can’t see it so imjust going to post the picture rn that he could see 😭😭 please don’t yell at me for taking my test apart I was desperate to find a picture where it was obvious. This picture is the BACKSIDE of the test, the top picture is the test I took tonight, the other is an old ass test from a couple weeks ago just for comparison 😭😭