So I've had a pretty big hunch that my boyfriend was cheating. He's been talking to some random girl who he said is a family friend quite a bit since he came back from visiting them for Christmas. He always said they were just friends and she was nice to talk to. So I didn't really put much thought into it. Then his sister tells me that she's never heard of this girl before. flag. So I ask him again how they know each other. Same answer, she's a family friend. Then this girl messages me on Facebook with screenshots of their conversations! Those were an interesting read. I'm not even mad. I have 2 kids. I don't have time to play your games sweetheart. If you want her, have her. Cause I'm out. Bye!!

EDIT/UPDATE: For those wondering what was said between them. It was a lot of them saying they missed each other and he needed to plan a trip to see her again but tell me that his grandmother was having health issues or he was going for his sister's graduation. He couldn't wait to see her again, get some kisses, and "maybe something a little more". They had been sexting and talking about what he would "love to do to those gorgeous breasts of hers". What kinda dates he wanted to take her on etc etc.