Real Sex

Melanie • Mom of 2 girls! 11 year old, Mikayla Nicole and baby girl, Amelia Rose! 😍

So, around 5am, I woke up to my normal mid sleep potty time. I'm 22 weeks pregnant so this is a normal occurance. I lay back down to go back to sleep, but I'm extremely horny! Like, where did this come from? Welp, look at snoring hubby and contemplated, "would he be upset if I woke him up?" So I decided to take my chances to see how he responds. I scoot in close, reach around, and pinch his nipples, lol. He really likes it when he's awake, so why not lol. Gentle at first, and then with a little more force. He wakes and ask me, is everything ok? I'm like, in my head, no I want so dick man can't u see? But I reply very sweetly, don't u wanna play with me while reaching down into his pants. To my surprise, doesn't take him long to-ahem-get there lol. So now, I'm excited. He takes off his pants and I climb on top. My goodness this is exactly what I want! on top of this, it was so dark in the room with only the glow of my work computer power button (aka, my moonlight, lol) So, I didn't feel self conscious about my growing belly and he couldn't get turned off by our moving little baby girl which he always thinks he's hurting (already daddy's little girl BUT a natural cockblocker that little booger always doing the most when mommy is trying to do her most lol). He goes to suck on my nipples but I flinch from soreness and pain and he very slowly puts my boob back in my bra, which was easy since it was a nursing bra. Can't seem to wear the wired ones anymore for comfort while sleeping but they aren't exactly a turn on. But it's dark, so he can imagine whatever lacey bra he wanted to imagine lol. Anywho, doesn't take me long to finish and the orgasm was all I wanted it to be. But I can't continue! I'm so sensitive even more than usual, but I can't just leave him hanging! Don't freak out, just slide off real slow and suck that dick girl! He doesn't mind the switch, nor can he see the cat cow position (love some yoga) I so carefully and comfortably switched into, and after sucking it like a tootsie roll pop, he quickly came lol. In the girlest way possible, I stood up, excused myself to the bathroom, and spit out his cum and rinsed my mouth out. Came back into the room, drank my cup of water so I wouldn't cramp up, and laid back down. He turns over and whispers, "babe, I love u" and I tell him the same in return. I sat up 5 mins later after finally getting comfortable and he opens his eyes with concern and ask if I'm ok? Do i need something? In my sexiest voice, I bend over, kiss him (where I don't know because it's dark lol) and say to him..."I'm fine, I woke her up, and now...I need a fruit cup 😗"