Ectopic Pregnancy Rupture & D&C - Emergency Surgery

So last Monday 5/18, day before my bday, I woke up at 2am in intense pain. I had just spent the whole weekend bleeding from the moment I had my first OB appt on 5/12 to confirm my pregnancy. 
After 16 vials of blood taken, crazy cramps and bleeding I started to feel good on the Sunday, but that was the calm before the storm. 
2am Monday morning, a pain in my side woke me up out of a deep sleep. I was screaming in pain and crying and my husband was scared and wanted to take me to the ER. He decided first to give me a 800 Ibruprophen and try and sleep it off. I did fall back to sleep holding my side. 
I had had blood drawn on the weekend and I was awaiting their phone call that morning for my results and was going to advise them of the intense pain that morning. So they called and were able to fit me in.
As soon as I got to my OB/GYN office, they took me in for another transvaginal US to find why I was in so much pain. They also did one on my actualy outside of my belly. 
The US Tech rushed my pics into my OB and they brought me in to say I needed emergency surgery as they believe my pregnancy was an ectopic pregnancy and had ruptured. So within an hour of my my visit to the OB, I was told to drive myself to the hospital and then I was operated on for emergency surgery.
While I was in recovery, my OB told my husband that I had started to bleed internally into my belly from the rupture - so that was a little scary.
So my OB removed my tube and also gave me a D&C . She said she gave me a D&C as a therapudic thing for me to slow the bleeding down.
Believe it or not, during my recovery I had very light spotting so that was good.
The day after my surgery was my birthday, and it was hard to be happy and positive, but loved the incoming support and birthday wishes along with prayer and positive thoughts. Brought my spirits up a lot.
Today I am 9 days post surgery and OB says I have a 2-4 week recovery. I was put on Vicodin and 800 Ibruprophen, but stopped the Vicodin 3 days post surgery. 
I may have pushed myself a little much this weekend moving around too much, and OB said today to just take it easy. Follow up appt is on 6/1. 
It's been a long 2 weeks to say the least - emotionally, physically and mentally. 
My husband has been a huge support through all of this and I know that we will be blessed with a healthy baby when the time comes.
Going through this process, the unbelievable people I have spoken to have told me there stories. I know that miscarriages, ectopic/chemical pregnancies are something that a lot of people don't like to talk about, but I didn't realize they are so common. 
Things happen for a reason I believe. 
My heart goes out to all the woman who have gone through miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies. 
Pics below are of me just before surgery.
(I think I must have been as high as a kite, because I'm smiling)...