Can you have Endometriosis....

Mrs_Ellie • FTM.

and never know it? Maybe it's behind the uterus or up high around or in the tubes? I wonder. My fertility doc seems to think my tubes are blocked but he doesn't want me to have an HcG test. Says it's a waste of a lot of money and my insurance won't pay for it anyway. The only reason I can imagine why my tubes would be blocked is due to some unknown endometriosis up high where it can't be noticed or felt. I've had normal pap smears and no STI's.

Doc wants me to skip to <a href="">IUI</a> to find out if it's my tubes that are blocked instead of an HSG. His thinking is that if it's a problem with sperm not meeting the egg then its my tubes and an <a href="">IUI</a> would either prove or disprove it. I can see the logic behind it but I'm not ready for the <a href="">IUI</a> yet....I mean we've only been trying for 10 cycles. Oh, and hubby's sperm is excellent.

So I'm back to just trying to conceive naturally and hoping my tubes are okay....but I doubt it. Clomid isn't working, pre-seed, fertility opk's, and every fertility supplement you can name....I've tried it all with no luck.