Am i being cheated on

Soooo ive never had a reason to think my man was cheating on me... until i saw how close him and an ex coworker were. They were always pretty flirty, but noooo shes married and has three kids hooowww could i think that. Then he quit and she would text him. He saved her # as the club... which is a timeshare community that he worked at. I found out she would text him.. one morning she said hey good morning and he didnt respond she said i had my surgery... far as i know he didnt text back aparently. Then were at a local convenience store and. Her, her husband and kids pull up. Her kids and husband go in... afree the coast was clear she yells i miss youat work, and the store, and everywhere.... i wear your jacket.... he found that harmelss. I forgot to mention when she looked me dead in the eyes and said he was her work boyfriend. He said it was a joke and no big deal.... so a kid from my work came iver to hang and have drinks we partied a lil then i told my man he was my work boyfriend and booyyy his face turned red and he kicked my friend out. I could not stop laughing at how the tables turned. I wanted to rip her head off