Need advice


Okay, I'm kinda at a loss here and hoping someone has been through the same crap.

Hubby and I have been together 11 years, he has two children already and wasn't interested in any more kids. On mothers day he told me he would give me my own baby. Talking with his ex, an off handed comment was made about him not wanting it to happen right away, she told him sometimes it takes awhile... Well that night we BD and I happened to be O according to glow, he made a "joke" that he hopes I don't get PG off that one(this is the only time in our entire relationship or marriage that he came inside me, we've always used the pull out method) . Well I didn't and had AF a week early. Fast forward to last night we BD, but he pulled out. We've had sex lots of times and he pulls out every time.... I don't know what to do, as this was A HUGE thing for him to decide I don't want to "pressure" him all the sudden... Any advice??? Please help me I seriously have no one I can talk to about this who would understand...