What Is Going On With Me

Beth • ~~~♡♡Let`s Roll♡♡~~~

Hello ladies i've got a question. Warning TMI here.

Im sort of new to all this ttcing.

I have a fertility doc who started me on provera to help me have my period prior i hadnt recieved one for 8 hears. I got my period woohoo!

Now ive been constantly reading up on things like CM and temperature and all that.

According to this site im about 9dpo. I had about a days worth of bleeding which was kinda light. I have cramps evening going down to my thighs. My CM is creamy and stretchy. Nausaus throughtout the day. My nipples have been sensitive not my breasts mind you but my nipples??

What does all this mean? Like i said im brand new to this...this stuff concerns me...but maybe it means im just going to get another period? What do you think?