Is this child abuse? Long post


I don't know what I think about this.

My sister in law is British, along with her husband, and a few years ago they moved to North Carolina. They live in a house that's basically in the middle of the field, with nothing or anyone around them. She's just had her 7th child and the oldest is 18. She and the kids NEVER leave the house. The husband does all of the food shopping and work etc. None of the kids are vaccinated - when anyone visits, they're only allowed into the house if they're 100% healthy, and then inside, they have to have a full shower, including hair wash, before doing anything!! This also happens when the husband returns from food shopping....!

All of the children are home schooled and she thinks because they're doing well, that it's OK and not a problem. But what's the point of being intelligent if you're never going to leave the house and do anything with it?! Also, I don't think they'd last long out in the world being that they've never come into contact with any germs.

To me, this is bordering on child abuse. I know each to their own and everything, but to me, she's not being a good parent. A good parent sets their children up to live their own lives when they're older - she's not doing that. She's keeping them prisoner.