Okay so I was on Facebook and ppl are fighting over women breastfeeding the comments are really annoying but anyways one person said they think women should cover up while breastfeeding in public so some parents don't have to explain to their child wht that mommy is doing and then he has spiraled out of control ppl attacking each other one person they should cover up bec there is pervs that get off to that kind of stuff (that's scary and nasty) but last year when I coached cheer the other coach that helped me had a baby she breastfeed and half time she wouldn't cover up I had parents to come up to me and ask why she doesn't cover up and some said it made them uncomfortable and their kid didn't want to see it and the ages are 7-8 years old I said well I'll go talk to cheer sponsor about it and eventually she started covering up all the time bec it started a lot of problems her just sitting right there pulling her boob out in front of the kids! I don't have nothing against breastfeeding bec I'm considering breastfeeding my child when I get pregnant but I'm gonna cover up! What do yall  think about this subject?