VBAC- after two previous C-sections

So, I'm anxious to hear anyone's advice or stories about having vaginal birth after having had c-sections. My first was born via c-section at 36 weeks after a very rough pregnancy. I had been 5cm dilated for a few weeks prior, my water broke at home and I was instantly in pretty intense labor. I was at the hospital about half an hour later and was already at 9cm. I stopped breathing and my sons heart rate dropped so I was given anesthesia and an emergency c-section. It was a terrifying experience. My second son was born 17 months later and I elected to have a repeat c-section due to nerves, and there not being a whole lot of time in between births. Here I am in my third pregnancy with a sweet little girl, it will be five years since the birth of my youngest, and I am planning on trying for a vaginal birth. My midwife, maternal fetal medicine, and ultrasound doctors have all assured me my chances of success are good (70%) and are very supportive of my choice. I live over an hour away from the hospital and besides being worried about the time it will take to get there I'm feeling pretty confident. Is there anything you did or are doing to prepare yourself for a VBAC? If you have already gone through it, how was the exeperience for you? Were you able to stick to your birth plans (labor in a birth tub, un-medicated birth, etc)? Sorry this is long, I'm curious to hear your stories and trying to keep my nerves in check!