TMI NO PICTURE...Can your waters break this early? Not sure what happened...

BeautyMommy • I love my family

I'm 11+5 in my second pregnancy. Both were high risk due to medications I was on and had a sub-chronic hemorage with small amount of bleeding in weeks 7 and 8.

So yesterday I was taking a nap and woke up with a wet sensation down below. I could feel it dripping down in between my butt cheeks and thought for sure that I was bleeding. It felt exactly like it feels when you start your period in the middle of the night.

So I go into the bathroom and wipe but no blood, just a large amount of clear watery.....fluid I guess. There was so much it even soaked through the butt and crotch of my panties; just like what happens with a period.

I smelled it, thinking this is way too much fluid to be normal and I've never had anything even remotely similar happen before. It smelled a little funky, but mainly just smelled like.....well, me. If I was in my third trimester I definitely would have thought thus was my water breaking.

Can that even happen this early in the pregnancy though? I've never heard of it happening and don't think there's even that much amniotic fluid in there yet. I don't have any cramping and while its a little more moist then usual its not dripping or running and I dont need any protection like a pad or panty liner; and this hasn't happened since.

Today when I go pee it seems to be a lot more yellow tinged then what's normal for me. And it does smell a little off. Not like urine.

Anyone have any ideas?