It's a girl!!!


I have 3 boys. we tragically lost our 3rd to still birth at 31 weeks. We decided we were going to try again one last time. We had always said we wanted 4 children and it just seemed right to stop after this pregnancy plus I understandably have high anxiety this time around. Well I have always dreamed about having a little girl and with each pregnancy my husband's family have been not so patiently waiting for a grand daughter . There are 11 grandchildren and they are all boys. so it has been a running joke that the Achtenberg men only produce boys and there is no need to have a revealing party because we all know what it's going to be.

I cant wait for our party in Sunday!! They are going to flip!!!! I'm on cloud nine and all I can think about is

can finally shop pink! The first thing my husband said to the ultrasound tech was he might as well get his wallet out now. He might be right on this one I'm going to need to dial down my craziness I have already been looking at nursery decor lol.