Thick neck?? Help

Andrea • Due Dec 14th ❄ but baby came 11/15! 😍
Yesterday I went for early screening at 12 weeks and the doctor told me that my baby's neck was measuring thick. They are having me come back next week to talk about the results and set up an appointment with a specialist at Dartmouth Hitchcock. When I was in the room and the doctor was telling me about seeing the specialist because I was high risk "but I was high risk before so it doesn't matter". The nurse in the room asked why I was high risk before and the doctor told her shed tell her outside???? Why could t she tell me?? When I asked another doctor she said "probably because the medication I was on before". This was the first time I was ever told that or told I needed to see a specialist. I was on Welbutrin, Klonopin, and Trileptal But when I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks I discontinued all of them including smoking cigarettes. Overall I'm freaking out, having nightmares and waking up crying. Has anyone been told the same thing?