Need advice... should I go in?

Shelby • Teacher, wife, and mama to Jaide and Knox!

I’m 30+5 and was not feeling well at all today. No appetite and seemed to be continuously running to the bathroom. I had a really stressful situation at work this week so I was blaming it on that. However on my way home at about 5:30, I was having continuous cramps in my lower back and abdomen. I tried to time them but they were so sporadic. They lasted about 10 seconds and happened anywhere from every 2 minutes to every 8 minutes. This evening it’s felt like I really need to poop but I don’t. The cramps have since gone away but now my whole lower back is really tense. It doesn’t hurt all that bad, but it’s just a weird tight feeling. Baby was active earlier but hasn’t moved much or at all really in the last hour or so. Should I go in? Probably a dumb question, but I don’t want to go in if it’s nothing and seem over dramatic. Advice is appreciated!