please help a sista out!1!1!

ok so I’m 13 (8th grade) I have this crush, he’s also one of my fairly close friends. he’s such a sweetheart, and I’ve like him for 3 years. My “frienimy” (friend/enemy) knows that I like him, and now out of the blue, they started to have a thing😒 she would tell me how he would grab her ass and shit. and I was just like “cool”, I tried not to let it bother me (it did DUH). I talk to this guy for 40 minutes everyday, he’s so funny, and I sit next to him in math oh did I mention he’s such a cutie. and I would just like to remind you that I’m 13 and my hormones are everywhere, so I’m constantly horney. but long story short. they went to the movies on a date because suddenly he likes her (and he didn’t like her earlier that week bc my bestfriend is vv close with him, and he told her who he liked, abt 4 days before that -.-) and they were all snuggled up together and he had his hand on her thigh in the picture on they’re snap stories. and now, IF THIS DIDNT SUCK ENOUGH.. I was talking to my frienimy and, she was like “you CANNOT tell anyone this, I’ve only told one person this” and I was like “okay” AND THEN SHE TELLS ME HOW THEY DIDBY JUST CUDDLE AT THE MOVIES. Basically, they were makeing out (damn, but okay not THAT bad) and he gave her hickeys (OH) and then, AND THEN he tried to FINGER HER (WUT) he was doing it through her leggings, and then was just kinda like tryna get in her pants to really get up in that shit and “nothing gonna happen if I don’t, I don’t even know where it is through your pants” but thank god my frienimy denied it, CUS GIRL I WOULD HAVE BEEN OUTTTT. either he really likes her, or he’s REALLY quick (this was their first date and they weren’t a couple yet) SO IM SHOOK BUT I RLY LIKE HIM, I don’t know please comment some advice and help a sister out (and no I dong need comments like “WOW you are too young for this” like lmao ik but like)