A little confused

I recently, May 1, stopped taking BC to regulate my cycles before trying to conceive. I had a normal period after ending it. Well, normal for what it would've been like while still on it. 
My husband was home on leave for 2 days and of course we had sex. It was 4 days after my ovulation time. Starting yesterday (5 days before expecting my period) I'm having unusual symptoms than what I have been used to. 
*Minor spotting (light pinkish, just enough to be bothersome and require panty liner)
*Bloating (more than it has been for the last 4-5 years before periods)
*Cramping in my lower abdomen/stomach
*Hot & cold flashes
*Every now and again I get a tiny bit dizzy
I know most of these are normal symptoms of my cycle, but not to the extreme it is this time. 
I have not come to the date of having a missed period yet, so I don't know if I should be starting to think that maybe that's what it is.