He finally proposed!

Me and my fiancé have been dating for almost 5 years. Over memorial weekend he proposed to me in front of all our family. 
While we were dating, my mom died suddenly and left all her jewelry to me. Amongst those belongings was her wedding ring. He took my mothers ring and had her diamonds placed in the setting I picked out. Originally we were going to buy a diamond and had picked one out. Little did I know he had already spoken to the jeweler and made sure my mothers diamonds would fit perfectly in my setting.
A few months ago I had a sobbing fit about getting married and having kids and my mom not being there for those moments. Every woman looks forward to going wedding dress shopping with their mom and them being there for the birth of their first child. I never got those opportunities. So when he proposed he told me that this ring not only signifies his love for me but it's also a way for me to keep a part of my mom with me all the time. I burst into tears when he said this. I couldn't ask for a more thoughtful and loving man.