2 chiweenie... 7 pussiessss!


I have two chiweenies dogs and I have 7.. yes 7, cats! Don’t have pictures of all the cats because two are very skiddish sadly.

Piper lee, 8 months

Penelope jones, 2 years

PK and gizmo :) (pk stands for porch kitty, as he was supposed to be an outside cat but was to much of a sweetheart and cuddler he had to be an indoor kitty lol. He is always meowing so most of the time we call him meow meow. He is about 1.5-2) and gizmo has been in to family for about 7 years or more years.

This is mama spice who adopted us when we moved into a new home and supplied us with FOUR of our babies. So loving

My beautiful Joan Jett. She has the sweetest meow and is superrrr loving with me for the most part but is will the be loved by any of the family.

This is Vincenzo, vinny for short. He and he twin sister ( not pictured) are a year old. Born December 20, 2016 IN OUR COUCH! THANKS MAMA! Lol he demands love and constantly follows my father everywhere

This is Joan and her sister Patricia (patty,tish. She goes by both) they are almost inseparable and love each other dearly. No possible way of breaking them up!

I’m sorry I’m so obsessed with my babies!