How to bond with unborn baby



So, I HATE being pregnant. I am huge and feel like a whale. I feel like all of my family members/friends are happy and supportive, but I can't tell anyone how I truly feel. And at this moment in time, I am completely and utterly miserable.

I am 24 weeks along and I am having a hard time coping with the changes that are happening to my body, I feel like my face has changed so I don't even look like myself. I also hate how anyone I interact with now comments on my body (whether it be positive or negative) and all of the staring and attention I get when I'm in public - its like pregnant women are these magical beings and everyone has to stare or even start a conversation about how pregnancy is "so wonderful" and how I am "truly blessed". I JUST WANT TO BE INVISIBLE!!

I am starting to regret ever planning this pregnancy. If I woke up tomorrow not pregnant, maybe I would feel better... I think that it would've been better it we had decided to not have any children in the first place and I am having the hardest time actually bonding to my baby because I hate the way that pregnancy has changed me and has changed the way people see me. (please note I would never ever harm myself or this child).

I don't talk, sing, "play", with/to my belly... We do have names picked out, but we decided to not find out the gender. So, I can't even call it by its name. I just feel so weird interacting with to something that doesn't feel real. Especially since I am hating being pregnant.

Has anyone ever felt this way during their planned pregnancy? If so, what did you do you help yourself and how on earth do you bond with your unborn child?