Worrying myself sick (tmi maybe?)

Had some very light light-brown spotting yesterday. Asked doctor google who told me not to worry unless it's heavy, red or accompanied by cramping. I was still a bit worried but I sort of carried on with the day, spotted twice more but then stopped, I was fairly calm until I got cramps in the evening. Like period pain, only milder. 
I wore a pad all night to check for spotting and now it's morning. No more spotting, no more cramping, nausea back in full swing and very sore boobs - but... I took another pregnancy test. The top test was taken 4 days ago (because I'm a worrier and I wanted to check the line was getting darker) and the bottom one this morning. 
I think the bottom one is slightly darker, but only very slightly (both FMU) I'm 5w4d  - over a 4 day period the line should have gotten darker right? 
The doctor won't see anybody until they're 8 weeks pregnant, so I can't just ring up and ask for answers. So now I'm incredibly stressed and I know stress is bad for baby which is only making me more stressed. Should I buy another digital with weeks or will that only worry me more?