Confronting dad

Ok so I have an evil step mom literly I hate her and so does everyone else I'm 17 btw like she was suppose to move out over a year ago and it still hasn't happend and apparently the court said she had to move out by the end of May and aparently it got extebded to linger cuz she couldn't find any houses in the city she wanted but that's a lie cuz I did my own reasearch and there are PLEANTY so hearing that Load of shit yesterday I was like wtf and today I was laying in bed and I can hear EVERYTHING since their room is right above mine (yeah still sharing a room I know ) anyways they started having sex and it went on FOREVER  my younger 15 year old sister and I are pissed off and are running out of what we should do do we confront him and tell him we know? Please help we need it desperately   

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