Positive..... I think.😲

Taryn β€’ :)

If its a correct positive that I am reading on my test then well... I guess I'm pregnant!!!! I took a test yesterday morning, it looked negative. So I thew it in the trash. AF was due to be here Monday. I got home from work 6 hours later, it was driving me nuts! I took the test out of the trash opened it up and there was the faintest positive! (Lol I know 6 hours is was past the 10 min deadline!) It gave me hope! So I decided to take another test this morning.

I had period like cramps last night so I figured the negative was right and I was just forcing myself to see that second line.

So I peed on a stick this morning... And!!! It was the same faint positive! The only way I could see it is if I opened the test up and held it to a light!

So digital I go! But my question is is it normal to have cramping like that? And such a faint positive? I with I took a picture of it!