Anyone ever technically "restart" TTC?

Odd question, I know, but have any of you restarted your TTC countdown over? I got off BC after being on it for over 15 years in August of 2014. Thought it would be "so easy" to get PG 😂😂😂, but I would have spotting issues and irregular periods from that point on until about beginning of this May 2015, when I finally went in to my doctor for blood work and discovered I was lacking progesterone, had a severe Luteal Phase Defect, but everything else was in good working order. She told me that, paired with my off-timing BD with the hubs, was most likely the culprit. So, it's been almost a month since I started this new tracking method and made these changes (in addition to a few changes  starting after this AF peaces on out!!), and I was told to consider this TTC Month 1 again. What do you all think about that? Would that make sense? Thanks!